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aluminium-exterior-shutters-perthAluminium shutters: modern colonial style


The customer wanted to add some class and style to the front of their home. Not sure of how it will work or if it was possible, they explained how colonial style shutters were the look they were after.
The windows were already tinted and had internal window treatments so the full frame hinged system wouldn’t be ideal for these windows as it would cause too much loss of light in the rooms.
However, as the customer simply wanted the aesthetics and not the treatment from the sun and weather a fixed option would be much more suited to this house.


Aluminium shutters were used for these windows as they are fully water and weather proof. With 1 panel fitted either side of each window, packed off 15mm to allow for the blades to be open at 45 degrees, this portrays the illusion of the colonial style shutters the customer aspired to have without the function ability of swinging each panel open and closed.


The shutters were made to appear as though they are fully hinged and made for each window whilst being permanently fixed to the brick face. Each panel was made exact for height and width to look symmetrical with the window even though they are not operated to open and close like that of a hinged shutter. The overall look which was requested has been fulfilled as these windows have been uplifted and look amazing from the street front. Definitely an eye catching view for incoming visitors or public driving by. Being an off white colour the shutters match in with the window sill render to provide a contrast.


“I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, the shutters look exactly as I wanted and really make the house look finished from the front. I just love coming up my driveway everyday admiring the new classy look of myhome. Exceptional workmanship and knowledge!.”aluminium-exterior-shutters-perth2