Shutters Case Study: Claremont House Ensuite


The Shutters briefing:

The window in the master ensuite had an “L” shape which caused the customer to be uncertain of what treatment could work. We explained that a shutter is perfectly possible for this shape of window. With unique shaped windows we simply make sure the frame is fluent and around the whole window so you don’t end up with what looks like two separate windows. How we do this with “L” shaped windows is by using an internal 45 degree mitre on the frame where the window steps down or up in size.

The Shutters product:

As this window is in a bathroom above a bath tub it is essential that this shutter is to be PVC. PVC shutters are solid with an aluminium core and are fully waterproof with a 2 pack paint finish. Using a pure white finish will really brighten up the bathroom which is already finished in a bright modern design.

The final fitted shutters:

The final result was more than the customer expected. The custom designed shutter fit the window perfectly and looked like its meant to be there. The neat pure white shutters match the colour scheme and modern feel of this bathroom, they definitely add class to this ensuite.

“I was very unsure of what window treatment to use on this shaped window that would match the
design of the bathroom. When the team discussed how shutters would work i was ever so happy
and they knew exactly what they were talking about. Putting my trust in the riverview team was the
best decision ive made and i wont look back. Thankyou again for the great customer service.”