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Sliding shutters leading to alfresco

Sliding Shutters Perth

The customer had a double sliding door opening onto their alfresco area that needed a window treatment. Initially the customer had Roller Blinds but found that the system wasn’t ideal for their needs. They liked to have the sliding doors open to allow a breeze to come through however the breeze would cause their Roller Blinds to flap and potentially damage the fabric.

Recommending Sliding Shutters

Our expert, Perth based Shutter installers, straight away suggested a sliding shutter system which is easy to use and provides many different options for privacy and light blockout. The plus side to the sliding shutter is how effortless it is to slide the panels and they are secure top and bottom so leaving the doors open for airflow is no problem at all. The end result was aesthetically pleasing and created a bright feature to the room as well as the alfresco area. This by far was the most practical window treatment for this doorway.