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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I don’t know much about shutters and how they work, will they work in my home ?
A – Shutters are an excellent window treatment for any home, At Riverview we take the time to explain to you , all available options and most importantly educate you on how our shutters work and let you know about all configurations that will suit your home, we have extensive product knowledge and assure you the best shutter configuration for your home.

Q – Will shutters provide good insulation for my home?
A – Shutters are one of the best products available on the market for keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter, the thermal properties of all our internal shutters are excellent , if you have not had shutters in your home before you will notice a big difference compared to any other window treatment.

Q – What type of blockout will shutters provide ?
A – Shutters provide excellent light blockout , every precaution is taken to minimise light such as full rebated panels and frames , with a huge range of different louvre blade sizes available , and louvre bank split options you have unlimited options when it comes to light control.

Q – Will shutters block out noise ?
A – Yes , shutters a great for blocking out noise from outside traffic etc, we have installed many shutters in homes that are on major roads where traffic noise has been a problem. Our customers always comment and are delighted with the noise reduction achieved with our shutters.

Q –  Will there be a lot of mess when my shutters are installed ?
A – At Riverview we do not use contractors , our small team of installers are all fully qualified cabinetmakers and carpenters with many years experience and follow the strictest guidelines to ensure your home is left spotless when we leave, any cutting is always done outside your home so there is minimal dust inside your home, drop sheets are always used through your home to ensure there is no damage to floorboards, carpets etc. We guarantee you total professionalism. It is always advisable that if you are building or renovating that shutters are installed at the end of the project , once all painting and floor coverings are finished . this protects the shutters against any mishaps during the renovating / building period.

Q – Will shutters fade in windows that get a lot of sun ?
A – Our shutters are manufactured using the very latest technology available in the shutter industry, we only use top quality materials that have undergone extensive testing, all our timber , pvc and timber composite shutters contain UV inhibiters in the paint coatings that guarantee colourfastness, all our timber is select grade timber which complies to all Australian standards to ensure it is suitable for our Perth climate.

Q – Can shutters be used in doorways and shaped windows ?
A – Yes our shutters are perfect for all doorways whether they be sliding , bifold or French doors we have configurations to suit all your doorways. Our shutters can be made to any shape so no matter what shape your window is we can manufacture shutters to suit.

Q -How are blinds comparable to shutters?
A – Generally, the difference is that quality shutters are of a higher standard of manufacture and install, and will add lasting value to your home. They add a level of opulence that cannot be achieved with any other window treatment. Blinds on the other hand are lighter and quicker to manufacture and install, and are able to be opened fully in several different ways. It is for this reason that they may require more maintenance over time. When you have our quality shutters installed in your home they will last you a lifetime, if budget is a major factor you will be amazed at the affordability of our timber composite range of shutters.

Q – Can shutters be used in bathrooms and wet areas in the home ?
A – Yes generally for all wet areas of your home we use pvc shutters , pvc shutters can withstand any amount of moisture , we use all stainless steel fittings on our pvc shutters that are installed in wet areas , so they can even be installed in shower recesses.

Q – Can I use shutters outside my home in alfresco areas etc ?
A – Certainly, our aluminium and pvc shutters can be installed anywhere outside your home , they can withstand all the elements so rain , hail or shine shutters are perfect for outdoor use.

Q – Can shutters have locks installed ?
A – Yes all our internal and external shutters can have locks installed if you wish.

Q – If shutters are damaged or broken after installation can they be fixed ?
A – Yes , we have a local fully stocked factory stocked with shutter spare parts , so if you are unfortunate enough to damage your shutters in some way we can provide a fast and efficient repair service to all our customers .

Q – Do Riverview shutters use plantation timbers for their shutters ?
A – Absolutely all timber used in our products is plantation timber .