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The Briefing: What Shutters are needed?

The customer had a large centre opening sliding doorway that joins the living area to the
outdoor alfresco. The client wanted a window treatment that would provide versatility and an aesthetic appeal. This sliding door will be used frequently as an overflow to allow the living and alfresco areas to join as one. So the idea is to be able to still use the large opening without the window treatment interfering or causing a fixed obstruction.
Shutters In Secret Harbour Perth

Selected Shutters

The bifold shutter system with a sliding track was the best suited option for this opening. This allows full coverage for blocking out the sun and also bifold shutters open to allow full view through the doorway and a clear opening of the doorway when needed for entertaining. The sliding track system allows for the easy movement and glide of the stack of shutters as this will have 8 panels in total there needs to be tracking support for the weight.


Final installed Shutters

The shutters look great and really brighten up the appearance of the living room.
Providing a vast amount of options and practicality these shutters have provided the perfect feature to this large living area. The customer was most pleased with the sleek clean look but mostly how practical and easy to use the system is. Within seconds you can open the room right up with no effort.

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