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Shutters in a South Perth Home’s Bathroom

This bathroom was used often for relaxation and to unwind after work. However with 3 windows
surrounding it, the owner’s privacy could really be affected – wanting to improve this, they contacted Riverview Shutters in Perth.

The PVC Shutters

The PVC shutters really finish off the bathroom and are an absolute must for any modern bathroom. The pure white colour of the
shutters compliments the bathroom colour scheme and creates an inviting environment. Privacy is no longer an issue as the louver blades provide 180 degrees of angle adjustment.

Shutters improve the privacy

The best part about these shutters is that you have privacy as well as natural light. By angling the louver blades you are enabled to change the light exposure in the room. This bath is now a comforting zone for relaxation and makes you feel like you’re in a high class hotel.