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The living room had one large side window either side of the TV nook which needed a window treatment. The aim was to have something which can be used to block out the sun and heat but also match the look and modern feel of the area. The customer wanted something that would stand out as its own feature as well as tying in to the room. We explained that the most modern and aesthetically pleasing treatment that would tick all the boxes would be the timber shutter.

The client’s Shutter requirements:

The timber shutters finished in a smooth pure white colour were a must for this room. To give a feature as well as match the modern fit out of the home these shutters are going to really lighten up the area and bring a warm natural feel to the main living area.


The Installed Shutters:

Once the shutters had been installed the customer couldn’t believe how vibrant the room was. Just by adding these pure white shutters you already brighten up the room along with the adjustable louvers you can provide any recommended glow of light during the day. These provide a modern appeal and are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

“My living area feels so inviting and vibrant with the timber shutters. I had no idea of how easy it is to set the mood of the room just by adjusting the angle of the louvers. The team has done an exceptional job and i am ever so pleased with the result. Thankyou to Dean and the riverview team for their excellent job.”