Why use Plantation Window Shutters

Here at Riverview Shutters, Perth we think that internal plantation shutters are the superior choice for window coverings.

Indoor shutters perthReasons to choose Plantation Shutters

  • Plantation shutters have been around since ancient Greece – blocking out the elements isn’t a new problem! you can rest assured that you’re choosing a time proven method!
  • Plantation shutters offer a classic aesthetic to your home, adding an air of class and sophistication – clean lines and a range of styles and finishes all add up to a very modern window dressing.
  • Unlike curtains, plantation shutters offer some unique benefits. If privacy is a concern your plantation shutters can be configured to allow light into the room, all while preventing passers by from seeing in.
  • In addition to the look of the shutters, they also help keep your room insulated whatever the weather! You can keep out direct sunlight in summer, helping you reduce the need for A/C and in winter they can be closed to prevent drafts.