The Benefits of Plantation Shutters in your Perth home

Installing Plantation shutters in your Perth home offers many benefits that you might not have with other window treatments.

  • Plantation shutters are a addition to a house -while we can’t guarantee a return on investment from the looks alone, the curb appeal can help to speed the sale of your house should you ever sell it. The permanency of plantation shutters allow them to be included in any valuations.
  • Insulation: When all louvers are closed, it created insulating barrier, creating an air gap and saving you money on your energy bill.
  • Versatility: You can adjust the opening to let it as much light as you’d like. If you want to let in all the light, and enjoy the Perth sunshine, plantation shutters swing away from the window to grant an unobstructed view.
  • Easy maintenance: A simple wipe-down is often all that’s needed to keep them clean. Vinyl shutters can be taken off their hinges and sprayed off for a major cleaning. See how to clean your shutters by Riverview shutters here. 
  • Elegance: The classic, yet modern look conveys a permanency like no other window dressing can.