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The Benefits of Plantation Shutters in your Perth home

Installing Plantation shutters in your Perth home offers many benefits that you might not have with other window treatments.

  • Plantation shutters are a addition to a house -while we can’t guarantee a return on investment from the looks alone, the curb appeal can help to speed the sale of your house should you ever sell it. The permanency of plantation shutters allow them to be included in any valuations.
  • Insulation: When all louvers are closed, it created insulating barrier, creating an air gap and saving you money on your energy bill.
  • Versatility: You can adjust the opening to let it as much light as you’d like. If you want to let in all the light, and enjoy the Perth sunshine, plantation shutters swing away from the window to grant an unobstructed view.
  • Easy maintenance: A simple wipe-down is often all that’s needed to keep them clean. Vinyl shutters can be taken off their hinges and sprayed off for a major cleaning. See how to clean your shutters by Riverview shutters here. 
  • Elegance: The classic, yet modern look conveys a permanency like no other window dressing can.

Why use Plantation Window Shutters

Here at Riverview Shutters, Perth we think that internal plantation shutters are the superior choice for window coverings.

Indoor shutters perthReasons to choose Plantation Shutters

  • Plantation shutters have been around since ancient Greece – blocking out the elements isn’t a new problem! you can rest assured that you’re choosing a time proven method!
  • Plantation shutters offer a classic aesthetic to your home, adding an air of class and sophistication – clean lines and a range of styles and finishes all add up to a very modern window dressing.
  • Unlike curtains, plantation shutters offer some unique benefits. If privacy is a concern your plantation shutters can be configured to allow light into the room, all while preventing passers by from seeing in.
  • In addition to the look of the shutters, they also help keep your room insulated whatever the weather! You can keep out direct sunlight in summer, helping you reduce the need for A/C and in winter they can be closed to prevent drafts.
custom made shutters indoor

Can Shutters Reduce Noise & Heat? Riverview Shutters in Perth has the answer!

Shutters Vs Noise & Heat

wet area shuttersInternal window shutters do provide a greater reduction in noise and heat compared to any other internal window treatment, such as blinds, venetians etc.

However, even though they do reduce noise, shutters are not a dedicated sound proofing treatment such as double glazing.

Think of it like putting a sheet of plywood over your window opening , that is the equivalent of shutters, as all louvers overlap each other and all frames are rebated behind shutter panels a full noise barrier is achieved.

Heat Reduction with Shutters

With regards to heat the same is achieved as all heat coming into your home through your window glass is trapped between the back of the shutters and the glass, this helps prevent the heat from seeping into the room.

So the simple answer is yes, internal plantation shutters whether it be timber or pvc do give you a greater noise reduction than any other type of internal window treatment.

Having trouble deciding which shutters to choose? Why not read about Timber Shutters Vs PVC Shutters!


Timber Shutters vs PVC Shutters – Pros and Cons

Different shutters for different reasons

The maximum span for a single shutter panel varies for the two products. Timber can span up to 1000mm in width, where as PVC can only span to a maximum width of 700mm. This is due to PVC being heavier and less rigid than timber. Therefore in some cases if people wish to use pvc rather than timber for some window sizes you may not achieve the desired number of shutter panels per window as you would like. An example of this is, lets say, a window is 900mm wide (quite common in newly built homes), if you use pvc the required number of panels is 2 due to the single panel width limit of 700mm for pvc , if you use timber this window can have 1 panel as the single panel width limit for timber is 1000mm. In a lot of new homes a minimalist look is what most of our customers wish to achieve, as seen from the example above in a lot of cases timber is required to achieve this throughout living areas of homes.

morning natural light shutters

Riverview Perth’s Timber Shutters

Our timber shutters have a two pack enamel paint finish as opposed to most timber shutters in the Perth market which are a single pack acrylic finish , this actually gives them a water resistant barrier .

In most cases we try to avoid using the PVC shutters for any areas which don’t need to be fully water proof as pvc does limit the customer to smaller panels which in a lot of cases leads to compromises on the desired panel configurations they wish to achieve, as pointed out in the example above.

plantation shutters partial open

PVC Shutters and aluminium cores

All PVC shutters are made with an aluminium core to stiffen and strengthen the panels and louvre blades as pvc is a very pliable product they cannot be manufactured without it . A lot of sales representatives will tell you that they have a superior pvc product as they have an aluminium core. But the fact is all PVC shutters are made with an aluminium core. Don’t be fooled by this false gimmicky sales tactic.

As timber can span wider than PVC, living areas that involve wider openings would be recommended by us to be in timber. If you think of it this way, the fewer panels in each opening the more open the window will look and feel , giving you greater viewing area when louvers are open and a clean minimal look – which in most cases is the reason our customers choose shutters in the first place.

Which type of shutters are best for wet areas?

PVC is a great product for wet areas as it is waterproof .
Timber is not water proof however it’s a great product for living areas that don’t require water proofing.

Which shutter type would be best for me?

Both are great products and when used correctly in conjunction with our knowledge we will provide an appealing and functional system for any window or opening, at Riverview we are not sales people simply trying to meet a monthly sales target. We are tradespeople who are all about great customer service, giving our customers the right sound advice with no sales spin! Give us a call today to experience the “Riverview Difference”.