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Roller Blinds

roller-blinds-1“Simple, elegant, versatile, practical and functional are just some of the advantages that roller blinds provide.”

The simplicity of the roller blind harmonises comfortably into any decor style with an elegance enhanced by a vast selection of fabrics, colours and textures.

With the versatility of several design options, linked blinds and motorised systems, there is a roller blind that will suit all applications and requirements. Riverview Shutters can design and install your roller blinds at a price you can afford, without losing any quality.

Roller blinds provide a highly efficient method of light, sun and privacy control and are so compact that once rolled up your view is uninterrupted.

Select from a fabric collection that includes sunscreens, light filters and blockouts to create your personal style.

Motorised Roller Blinds

motorised-roller-1“Enjoy the easy comfort of operating your roller blinds with the touch of a button.”

The possibilities are endless for controlling the light, shade and privacy within your home or office environments.

Perfect for operating larger blinds and groups of blinds, motorised roller blinds operate quickly and quietly.

Chains are replaced with an unobtrusive motor system and a modern compact remote that can be designed to suit any individual requirements.

The C-bus compatible motor system will allow you to integrate the roller blinds into your complete home automation system.

Make life easier with the simple convenience of motorised blinds so they will easily fit confortably into your lifestyle.

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