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Client’s Outdoor Blind Requirements

The client lived on a rural block with a modern built home and wanted some advice on external blinds. The back alfresco was used quite regularly as they enjoyed the view of nature and the outdoor living experience. Relaxing in their new alfresco was somewhat difficult when the sun came out as the whole area got too hot and provided no protection from the elements. We discussed that using a mesh fabric would provide 95% protection from the elements whilst still allowing vision through to the surrounding bushland. The idea that the customer could still feel open to the surroundings and not enclosed and boxed in made them agree that a zip screen blind with mesh fabric will be perfect for their needs.

The zip screen blind is a fully enclosed blind providing a head box, side channels and a sturdy bottom rail. The manual design is the easiest to operate when it comes to outdoor blinds as the back tension in the head box creates for the blind to be moved up and down with ease for any person. The zip lock in the side channels provides side tension so this blind having both horizontal and vertical tension causes it to be taught and tight at all times. The head box and side channels will be colour matched to the alfresco posts and colorbond gutters.

The final Outdoor Blind Installation

The blinds fit between the posts of the alfresco with the head box butted up hard to the ceiling providing a neat flush finish. With the head box and side channels being colour matched with its surroundings everything flows and is hidden. The fabric used is a 2×2 mixed weave providing a subtle brown and grey colour which is very similar to the wall render. The end result looks as though its meant to be there from the neat finish to the colour match of fabric and blind components.

“My outdoor alfresco area is like a new room to our house. My husband and I spend a lot of our downtime in this area as it is so inviting and provides protection and privacy. I couldn’t be happier with the result i highly recommend this product from riverview outdoor blinds.”